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The thing which appears if I eat the banana efficacy constantly with 2 at a time. 본문

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The thing which appears if I eat the banana efficacy constantly with 2 at a time.

여행가 JJABBA 2017.01.02 06:00

1. The energy work eop booster.

If I eat the banana before exercising, the exercise Jjeum of about 1 time can get enough calorie as it is not difficult.

The work by team the potassium ( the potassium) he says ingredient prevents the muscular pain the abundant vitamin and minerals can move the body thanks to this lightly.

2. Melancholia.

In spite of even overcoming a depression, this yellow fruit is helpful.

It is because the amino acid tryptophan (aminoacid tryptophan) of the great quantity is contained in the banana.

While this mineral component is changed to the vertical Tonin (Serotonin),that is the neurotransmitter called as

"the Happy hormone" in the body, I pull the euphoria and satisfaction up onto.

The word that I feel better if I ate the banana (if or I keep the incense) didn't come out in vain.

3. Blood pressure.

Let's eat the banana from now if there is the hypertension.

It is good in spite of preventing the heart attack.

Because the potassium ingredient is abundant while there is not lots of sodium ingredient,

it is the perfect food to the people which are being ill with the cardiac disorder.

4. Anemia

It is good for the anemia because the iron is abundantly contained in the banana (a doubt will start but it is a truth).

Since certainly the iron is necessary in order to make the appropriate red blood cell and hemiglibuun in our body,

if a bar eats me constantly, It becomes the big help when the blood supply becomes smooth.

5. The fury just before the explosion.

Just I have to grasp the banana immediately if the mood is trying to get worse more and more.

I adjust  (you went down in the blink of an eye) blood-sugar rate and the banana felling sweet is helpful,

in addition the vitamin B ingredient of the banana will do the role that I stabilize the sharpened nerve.

spend one day which is a littlemore easy and graceful with the banana.

6. Gastric ulcer (stomachache)

The word that I am being ill with the gastric ulcer is the meaning that I could not eat the thousands kinds of foods.

But banana is exception. I cover up with the above surface like the thin coating film and the soft organization of the bar or I am due to protect a stomach from the afraid of gastric acid attack.

7. Temperature control.

I have "the icy ones nature", because of being a thing, the banana has an effect in lowering a temperature.

If i eat the banana even when of coures, getting mad at a summer, it can be of service to the temperature control.

the body temperature control property is enough proved.

If it is not case where I have the disease which has to control the intake of the banana,

there seems to be no reason why I will not eat this fruit like the food constantly.

(will it be cautious about the agricultural medicines banana and of course, will it be?)

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